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Best of Westchester Magazine Events

Summary of all major events in Westchester county, NY by Westchester Magazine and Today's Media: Best Of Westchester - featuring best places and services; Food and Wine Weekend - best restaurants, bars, and places to eat and socialize; Unveiled Bridal Show - meeting point of brides and Westchester's best wedding services and provides; 914 INC. - celebrating westchester's most popular local businesses.

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Artist At Work

Alex Tikhomirov is a fine art artist specializing in custom portraits. His medium is oil on canvas.

The promo video was filmed at the artist's studio giving the potential clients the sense of being present at the moment of creation. Surrounded by finished art pieces, feeling the ambiance of light and colors, sensing the paint and brush stocks on canvas.  As well as seeing the final portrait on the wall of the client's home... Overall creating a desire for being part of this exclusive experience, for your own custom made portrait.


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From Custom to Couture - Estrada Fashion Designers

Jesus and Antonio Estrada internationally known fashion designers based in Armonk, Westchester NY. TV celebrity, featured on Project Runway, Estradas’ young, hip and fashion-forward aesthetic — beaded bodices, metallic leather corsets, detachable dresses in every color of the rainbow - custom made just for you.

The promo video's goal was to introduce the designers to the potential clients on a more personal level, showcasing their unique friendly, easy going personalities and dedication to serve the client in the best possible way. Like old designers, back in the day, Coco Chanell, Valentino... Estrada's creations are completely hand made. One feels a great desire to experience this special treat.

video promo for non-profit organization

Hudson Valley Singers - The Most Ambitious Chorus

Hailed by The New York Times as one of Westchester's "most ambitious" choruses, the Hudson Valley Singers presents classical music in full choral splendor, from Mozart C minor Mass, to Schumann's Das Paradies und die Peri, to Russian acappella. Eugene Sirotkine, the conductor, with over two decades of conducting choruses and orchestras worldwide, including The Metropolitan Opera, brings HVS to yet a step higher with every performance.

The promo video was done in a span of 6 months following the chorus from initial discovery of a new musical piece, to weekly rehearsal, to the final performance to showcase the dedication, personal growth, and excitement that this experience brings to each chorus member. Personal interviews takes you deep into understanding the emotional aspect of being involved in "something great". The viewer learns about the obstacles that may arise for some,  as well as great satisfaction of the sense of accomplishment for each member, as well as for the group in large.

By showcasing the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the group, the video creates interest for the viewer to consider becoming a member.

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Juliati Photography Studio

Promo video invites women to experience the overall process of this intimate empowering photography experience. Seeing it from behind the scenes, listening to the message of the photographer, provides that ease and desire of learning more. The initial connection is established. The potential client relates to the message. She is not guarded. She is curious. She is comfortable and ready to take a next step.

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Private Halloween Party

Video promo for your special VIP party invitation. Taking your exclusive event to the next level by creating a custom short film to wow your guests. The possibilities are endless. The film can showcase your location, your creative abilities, your dreamland... or you can even be a character in a story!